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Are You Entitled to Disability Compensation?

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There are several types of disability insurance. One type of coverage is when a person purchases a short-term, or long-term disability policy on his or her own which requires individual underwriting and pricing based on assessed risk factors (“Individual Policy”).

Alternatively, short-term or long-term disability may be available as an employee benefit which is offered at work to all employees at the same cost without having to undergo individual underwriting (“Group or ERISA Policy”).

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With increasing frequency, insurance companies are wrongfully denying person’s disability benefits as a means to increase corporate profits. If you are disabled and believe that you fall into this category, you will need an experienced and skilled disability attorney fighting for your benefits. Your disability may have started out as a short-term disability, but has extended into a long-term disability issue because you are impaired and unable to work. We will assist you in documenting your disability so that you can recover the long-term disability benefits to which you are entitled.

If you have been denied benefits, you should ALWAYS pursue your right to an appeal. We have helped clients with their long-term disability appeals process as well as clients who have been approved initially and then later have had their benefits taken away. If you have lost your benefits or are seeking to appeal a decision, our attorneys can help. Our attorneys are experienced in both disability benefits applications and appeals.

Our disability lawyers can assist you with any of the following:

The dedicated, experienced and skilled disability attorneys and staff in Philadelphia and Wilmington at Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, LLP, will work relentlessly on your behalf to successfully fight the insurance company who has wrongfully denied your claim for disability benefits. With offices in Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, and Voorhees NJ.

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Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to navigate all disability cases involving denials and appeals. Our lawyers will represent you in all stages of your long or short term disability claim, from helping you to apply, appeal (if necessary) and settle. Your lawyer will guide you through the legally challenging world of group benefits. Our lawyers can also defend your win in appellate courts or, if necessary, to try to overturn your loss to help you recover benefits you may have been cheated out of.

Whether you purchased a group policy through your employer or a private plan on your own, and now you need to use it, you should not have to be stressed by an insurance company that does not want to pay. You are probably stressed enough, simply living with your disability. Our lawyers are here to take on the insurance company for you. ERISA is a federal law so it doesn’t matter if you live in PA, NJ or DE; our lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the benefits you deserve.